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Scoffle Waffle

Scoffle Waffle has now united and can be found with Yuzu at Degraves Street and it’s a perfect Matcha!

You can now mix and match your favourite Scoffle Waffles such as the famous S’mores, Devil wears Gucci, Cookies and Cream and Karaage Chicken waffles, with Japanese Appetizers, Poke Bowls, Bento Boxes, Sushi Tacos, Beer & of course Cocktails.

Our Unique 4 heart Waffle Shape is made exclusively by their fellow waffle friends in Denmark and unique to Scoffle Waffle in Australia and they also source ingredients from independent local suppliers.

Available On All Major Delivery Platforms Around Melbourne Metro.

If you would like more information, head over to the official What’s On Website where we sourced this information from: