10 Things to Consider when Choosing Student Accommodation

Can’t decide on your student accommodation? Here are 10 things to consider when choosing your next place.

1.Location of your student accommodation
Deciding on your student accommodation can be tough. One of the first things our students look at is: Location… It is no surprise that real estate agents love the cliché “Location, Location, Location”. All student apartments managed by SHA are located in and around the main Universities and Colleges in Melbourne CBD, Caulfield, Clayton, Burwood, Hawthorn and Bundoora. Whether you are a student at Melbourne University and enjoy living in the hustle and bustle OR a student at Monash University’s Clayton or Caulfield campuses, the team at SHA has you covered.

2. What is your budget?
Let’s keep this simple…. You’re a student. The time you spend at University, can be the most memorable years of your life. You don’t want to miss out on all the opportunities that studying in one of the world’s most exciting and livable cities has to offer, because you can’t afford them. You don’t have to survive on 2-minute noodles or eggs on toast 7 days a week… you don’t need a degree to know that isn’t good for your physical or mental health! SHA has some of the most competitively priced Melbourne student apartments available, allowing you to concentrate on what IS important.. studying and enjoying all the culture Melbourne has to offer.

3. Sharing
Mum is normally right when it comes to the ‘Sharing is Caring’ model. However, there is always a time and a place for these things.
Sharing study tips to ace that end of semester exam – YES, share away!
Sharing the kitchen table with 8 other housemates whilst trying to cram that last subject – no thanks.
Having your own space to get your assignments and study done is very important, that’s why Student Housing Australia’s individual student apartments are the ideal destination for those trying to smash their University goals for 2021 and beyond! Want to share with your like-minded bestie? Student Housing Australia has twin rooms available as well!

4. Facilities
Ever wondered what a student apartment actually looks like? We love showing off our apartments, so head over to SHA’s socials for video tours of what’s on offer, or hit up the team today for a private inspection to see one in the flesh! Private kitchen, private bathroom, study nooks, balconies, laundry facilities and shared outdoor areas. What more could you ask for!? Your friends still stuck at home will be very envious of #yourspace.

5. Safety
Being away from home and out of your familiar environment can be tough. Leaving the nest for the first time can also be daunting and concerning for parents. Rest assured, our student’s safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of our business objectives at Student Housing Australia. For starters, most of our 2,500+ rental apartments are STUDENT ONLY. This means you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals looking for a safe environment to study, make friends and have a real place to call home.

Our buildings are equipped with a dedicated security fob system, and/or a registered key system, ensuring only those students who are staying with SHA have access to the building and common areas. Plus, our CCTV systems can keep track of any comings and goings of guests.

6. Cleanliness
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in more ways than one. The team at Student Housing Australia are doing everything we can to remain COVID-Safe during these uncertain times. Doing our part to keep you and the community safe, we have installed hand sanitiser stations and COVID-Safe signage throughout the 45+ Melbourne student apartments we manage.
Additionally, the team take great pride in the cleaning procedures that take place between tenants moving in and out. Each room is deep cleaned with incredible attention to detail, ensuring all our SHA students feel as though they are moving into a brand-new space. We all know how important a neat and tidy space is for study and productivity, therefore keeping it clean is now up to you!

As mentioned above, at SHA you will be surrounded by like-minded students looking to get the best out for their stay in the most liveable city in the world! Imagine heading to your Deakin University 0-week party, creating unforgettable memories with your new formed uni friends, then all splitting an Uber home to your student accommodation building, to find out you all live on the same floor! New city, new friends, new memories and a new place to call home. That’s SHA!

We understand the importance of community and support, that’s why our dedicated property management offices are within walking distance to the main university campuses. There you will find our committed Property Managers who are always happy to lend a helping hand and provide support and advice where necessary.

9. Social
Want to know what’s going on in this town?
Like our social media and follow our blog and we’ll keep you posted on festivals, hot deals and unique things to do during the year so watch this space!

10. Experience
Student Housing Australia has been a leading provider of student accommodation for over 16 years so we’ve already faced most of the challenges to make your stay with us an enjoyable and productive experience. SHA continues to find innovative ways to ensure your time in Melbourne is as easy and stress-free as possible.

Harry Calder
Digital Marketing Coordinator

26th November 2020

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