Box Hill

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Box Hill is just 15 kms east of the CBD, Box Hill has a growing reputation for its multicultural food and fabulous, fiery festivals. It is one the busiest transport hubs in Melbourne with two tram routes, two rail lines and twenty-one bus routes. We have five modern apartment complexes in the area so whichever way you look at it, you’re spoilt for choice!

Box Hill Properties
  •   Energetic, multi cultural

  •   30 minutes by train to the City

  •   Close to Box Hill College of TAFE

reputation for it’s multicultural food and fabulous, fiery festivals

Within the major shopping complex at Box Hill Central, you’ll find Melbourne’s largest Asian fresh food market full of delicious treats and amazing ingredients. With more than 300 specialty shops, discount department stores, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, shopping Box Hill style is pure entertainment.

everything from art exhibitions and craft sales

Box Hill Gardens offers a range of activities such as table tennis, tai chi, basketball, jogging and bbq facilities, while further south there’s Surrey Park, netball and basketball courts and Aqualink with its gym and tennis courts, spa, sauna and indoor and outdoor heated pools.

Historic Box Hill Town Hall hosts everything from art exhibitions and craft sales to record, comics and computer fairs.

The annual celebration of the Moon Festival and extremely popular Chinese New Year Festival attracts 70,000 visitors to the centre of this vibrant suburb.