We’re Student Housing Australia – It’s nice to meet you.

1. Students Only in Student Housing Australia Buildings

Splitting rent with your mate’s weird cousin because their apartment is near campus, yet they’re up at all hours of the night doing who knows what? If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, I hate to break it to you, but you’re in the wrong place. If you are like any other normal uni student, who is looking for an environment where they can thrive and make it their own, read on!

One of the most frequently asked questions by our new students and their parents is ‘Who else is in the building?’ Our response is pretty straight forward: ‘other students, just like you!’

All our buildings are catered to satisfy our only customer: Students. That means no unsavoury characters coming and going. No strange neighbours keeping you up all night. The only drama you should get from neighbours is the TV show. NOT your Student Housing Australia neighbours.

2. It’s not on campus

Let’s face it: you spend enough time on campus already. Between, lectures, tutorials, workshops, group assignment, late nights at the library and exams, why spend any more time on campus than you have to? After all, you are completing a uni degree not a prison sentence!

A key advantage of staying in one of Student Housing Australia’s 45+ buildings is, they’re not on campus. They are located NEAR campus! In fact, we are positioned within close proximity of all the major Universities and Colleges in Melbourne CBD, Caulfield, Clayton, Burwood, Hawthorn and Bundoora.

A seasoned university student will tell you, the best coffee is NEVER on-campus, so pick up one of Melbourne’s most drinkable coffees on your short walk to campus to one of those dreaded 8 am Monday morning lectures. Not a morning person, more of a night owl? Well, there is nothing better than a short walk to cap off that long day of study as you head back to #YOURSPACE.

3. What you get

Risking your bond because your housemate is less of a primate and more a party animal? Never fear, SHA is here! For as little as $270 a week, your stay with SHA gets you an entire student apartment entirely to yourself.

That means:
Your own room
Your own kitchen
Your own bathroom
Your own bed
Your own desk
Your own freedom to make it #YOURSPACE

4. Community Diversity

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ – We’ve all heard that saying before. A big part of your time spent at university is dedicated to studying and handing in assignments. However, those successful students who get 110% of their university experience will tell you, the degree itself is only half the battle!

Forming strong connections and relationships with your fellow students will advance your career in the long run, more than you realise. That’s why the SHA community strategically designed to assist in forming those relationships.

Did you know, if you were to have a student apartment in one of our multiple city buildings, your neighbour to your left could be completing an Arts Degree at Melbourne University? Your neighbour to your right could be studying a Bachelor of Science at RMIT? Your neighbour down the hall could just be commencing their Masters in Physio Therapy at LaTrobe Bundoora! This is a unique experience you just can’t replicate studying remotely or from the family nest.

5. Getting Around

Can’t get to sleep without that beloved teddy bear you’ve had since your first birthday? – Hey! We don’t judge!

Not sure if you’d be able to part with that ever-reliable 1999 Holden Commodore, that has been in the family since Day 1? Don’t stress, SHA have a plethora of transportation options that will suit your needs.

For starters, all our buildings are strategically located across Melbourne, making your commute to uni fast, safe and eco friendly. That means you can pick up a bubble tea on your short walk to campus or jump on a tram in the free tram zone!

Do you have a bit more need for speed? Almost our buildings come with an ample supply of bike racks, so you can whiz to and from uni the most economical and environmentally friendly way possible!

Some of our apartments offer secure onsite parking so you can cruise to class and sleep-easy knowing your car is safe and sound underground.
…Just make sure you perfect the infamous, ‘Melbourne Hook-Turn’ before you have a bunch of your new uni mates in the back seat!

6. No hidden costs

Do you really want your rent going towards a gym membership you don’t use? Are those group activities that other student accommodations offer, just as easily found on-campus with one of your uni clubs? Splitting the power bill ‘evenly’ even though your housemate was up all night with the air-con on?

Student Housing Australia is completely open and honest with what is included in your rent each month. Your rent is your rent. Simple as that. As a student, we understand the budget is tight enough as it is, so why spend overpriced rent on services that you aren’t even going to use? And just to make life easier, SHA has ‘SHA Services’ ensuring you have some of the most competitive rates in the market place. So, once you’ve finished your revision for the day, it’s time to start that Netflix marathon!

7. Contactless & Paperless

So, you’ve just finished your first semester. You’ve crushed your first wave of exams, you’ve established a good bunch of likeminded uni friends and you love your new digs. Why mess with perfection? Student Housing Australia has complete contactless renewals, so you can keep the uni lifestyle you have come to love! New student? Well, it’s not just contactless renewals you can sign a lease for a new Melbourne student apartment directly from your phone.

It doesn’t stop there, we know uni can be tough, so we’ll keep the rest of it easy. SHA offers an all-in-one smartphone app that has everything you need at your fingertips.

Important building info – Check
Rental Managers details – Check
When your rent is paid up til – Check
When your next bill is due – Check
Maintenance reports – Check

This makes life easier for you, but it also makes it easier on our planet as well! By going completely digital, Student Housing Australia has been able to considerably reduce their use of paper and other unnecessary products. Our logo isn’t the only thing that’s green at Student Housing Australia!

Harry Calder
Digital Marketing Coordinator

30th November 2020

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