Melbourne is one of the world’s most liveable cities and has quite a unique side to it that you may not know of. Here are eight unique activities that you can do while in Melbourne.

Want to skydive without a parachute?

A scary thought to most people involves jumping out of a plane 15000 feet up in the sky, but what if I told you there is a less scary option that involves staying closer to the ground? Ifly is the first indoor skydiving centre in Melbourne, located near Essendon Airport. An activity for all ages, you will be able to learn to fly in no time in a controlled environment. If you are ready to fly, visit the IFly website at

Have a drink under a Melbourne bridge.

While walking over the Southbank footbridge, have you ever looked underneath? If you have, you will find Ponyfish Island, a bar where you can enjoy a drink in the middle of the Yarra River. At sunset, why not head down to enjoy a cold beer and some delicious finger foods. Visit their Instagram profile to find out what they are offering

 Like to throw an axe?

After a long week of studying, have you ever thought about having a drink, pizza and throwing an axe? Now is your chance. Tucked away in an Elizabeth St basement, you will find Maniax Axe Throwing, where a trained axe thrower will guide you on how to throw your axe. After getting a good upper body workout, enjoy a beer, pizza and try out their Viking style cocktails. Visit their website if you are ready to throw axes with your mates

 Have a burger on a train on a rooftop

What do you do with a couple of old Melbourne trains? Place them atop a building and turn them into one of Melbourne’s most unique burger restaurants. You can experience this Melbourne delight only a short distance away from central Melbourne, on the rooftop of an office building in Collingwood. From the classic Fish ‘n’ Chips to the American style burgers, this will be a unique Melbourne dining experience you will never forget. Visit their Instagram profile to see what they are offering

 See penguins in St Kilda

If you take a stroll down by St Kilda Beach, head on over to the pier for a truly special animal encounter. At dusk you can watch more than 1000 fairy penguins waddling through the rocks of the breakwater as they seek out shelter in their nests. Parks Victoria recommends you visit the colony during weeknights, as on weekends the pier and breakwater can get rather busy. While visiting the penguin colony, you must follow the strict set of rules, put in place to protect the penguins. For further information, please visit Park Victoria website at

 Ghost Tours

Lantern Ghost Tours is a ghost tour company that takes people to some of the most haunted places in Melbourne. Tour locations include everywhere from the Old Melbourne Gaol to the Lunatic Asylum in Ararat. If you are not afraid of ghosts, visit their website

 A Pink Lake in Melbourne?

At Westgate Park, you will find Melbourne’s own pink lake, underneath the West Gate Freeway. The pink colour of this lake is caused by an algae called Dunaliella Salina, which is also found in sea salt fields. This pretty pink phenomenon does not occur all year round, as a number of different elements have to align to make the lake turn this colour. Please visit for further information about Westgate Park.

 Smash your Stress

Life can be stressful for many, but how can you relieve stress? One unique stress relieving option you have in Melbourne can be experienced at Smash Splash. They can put you and your friend together in a room, give you a couple of stress management tools and a room full of things to smash to help ease some of that stress you’re feeling. Its that simple! Sounds a bit crazy, but safety measures have been put in place to protect participants, while still ensuring that you’ll be having fun smashing all sorts of things. If you are interested in this activity, please visit


It is time to live outside the square and try some or all of these unique experiences that you can only do while you’re here in Melbourne.


Steven Ma

Social Media Coordinator

Mar 2022