Distractions can be your worst enemy when studying, but the Freedom app can block those internet distractions from your device. Instead of looking at random Instagram posts or shopping online, the Freedom app keeps you focused and on track to success. There is no doubt this app will be every student’s best friend to assist with maintaining the motivation to study.


Google Drive is one of many apps that allows you to store important documents and media in the cloud. You will be able to have access to these documents where internet access is available. Also, you will be able to collaborate with other students on a shared document.


When it comes exam time, you need to be organised and prepared, and Exam Countdown is the best app to assist students with this. This app allows you to store exam dates, notes and countdowns. Time management is vital during this period, and this app will definitely help with that.


Headspace is a well-being app to keep you in a positive headspace. Using Headspace, you can learn about guided meditations, mindfulness courses, sleep exercises and focus playlists, which helps you to focus on remaining mentally healthy and ready to study. Headspace is proven to reduce stress by 14% in just ten days. It can also help you relax your mind in minutes, improve focus, and get the best sleep. It is time to make a change in how you manage your mental health!


As the app says, 7 Minute Workouts can force you to take a break from your study and reset. Research shows that physical exercise releases proteins in the brain that can help improve your memory and increase your cognitive performance. All your exercise plans can be co-ordinated using this simple app, and that should keep your mind and body moving in a healthy way.


As most students know organising your lecture notes can be a hassle, but Evernote is an easy app to keep it all together. Evernote is one of the best apps going around for organising notes. Using keywords searches for your lecture notes and media makes it easier to find what you need during your study periods. Furthermore, the time management features will remind you of important due dates and hopefully help prevent you from falling behind.


The Forest is a time management app that assists you to stay focused in a fun way. A plant will begin to grow once you start your study session. However, the plant will die if you decide to open other apps and not focus on your studies. The app aims to build your Forest and push you to keep your plants growing and stay focused.


Paprika is the best app to prepare you for a balanced and organised diet, which can be helpful to your studies. By downloading this app, you can download recipes, make meal plans and create grocery lists, which will make your food preparation time much simpler each week. Students may lose their way with their dietary habits, but this app will hopefully keep you eating nutritious meals to sustain the mind for those hours spent studying.

  1. PTV

The Public Transport Victoria app is a beneficial tool for your travels within Melbourne. Top up your Myki card, live track your transport of choice and planning your journey to your destination are some of the handy features you will find within the PTV app. Make sure you download this app to make it easy to organise your travel plans in and around Melbourne.


Student Housing Australia highly recommends using at least one, but preferably many of these apps to assist you with your study plans this academic year and beyond. The apps can all be found in the Apple Store or Google Play.