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Ready to take the next step? To apply for an apartment simply fill out the Application Form below to begin the process to find you a new home. All contracts end in January/February each year.

Please Note:
We can only accept your application for one building only. If this is unavailable we will suggest the next best available.

Before you start to fill in the online Application form you will need:

  • 1

    A digital copy of your current Student Card or Letter of Offer, Passport and current Bank Statement (Australian preferred) in a JPEG or PDF format. This must be uploaded when you are completing you Application Form. We cannot process your Application without these documents.

  • 2

    Print the Parental Guarantee Form for your parents complete and sign. (click here to download)

  • 3

    If you are applying as a couple, or for a 2/3 bedroom share apartment, each tenant/applicant must fill in a separate online Application Form. Please add the name of the person you will be sharing with in the Additional Comments Section at the bottom – otherwise we will not know your application is for a joint tenancy.

Once you have submitted your Application Form the Property Manager will contact you within 24 hours to provide an update of the status of your application. The application is then taken to the Owner for approval. This process can take 2-3 business days.

Please note: Your tenancy is not secured until a Tenancy Agreement/Lease contract is signed and first months rent and bond is paid in full.


Which apartment would you like to live in?

Step 2

Would you like to rent a car space, if available?

Step 3

Tell us a bit about yourself

Step 4

Which University are you enrolled in?

Step 5

What is your current address?

Step 6

Are you currently employed? If yes...

Step 7

Emergency Contact / Next of Kin (not residing with you)

Step 8

Parent / Guardian Details

Step 9

You are required to upload the following documents as part of your application      click text to upload document

  • 1

    Student Card/Letter of Offer

      (Must show Expiry Date OR Course Dates)
  • 2

    Passport/Driver’s Licence

  • 3

    Current bank statement

      (Australian preferred but overseas account will be accepted)
  • 4

    Most recent pay slip (if applicable)

  • 5

    Parental Guarantee

Step 10


I hereby offer to rent the property from the Owner under an Agreement to be prepared by Student Housing Australia

  • Should this application be accepted by the Owner / Landlord I agree to enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • I acknowledge that this application is subject to the approval of the Owner / Agent.
  • I declare that all information contained in this application (including the additional page/s) is true and correct and given of my own free will.
  • I declare that I am not bankrupt.
  • If I default under a rental agreement, I agree that the Agent may disclose details of any such default to a tenancy default database and to Agents / Landlords of properties I may apply for in the future in accordance with Section 439 of the Residential Tenancy Act (1997).
  • I am aware that if information is not provided, or I do not consent to the uses to which personal information is put, the Owner / Agent will not grant me a lease / tenancy of the premises.

Step 11

Privacy Statement

I authorise SHA to obtain personal information from:

  • The owner or the Agent of my current or previous residence/s;
  • My referees and employer/s;
  • Any record listing or database of defaults by tenant, and I authorise and consent to each of those persons providing requested personal information about me to SHA.

I am aware that SHA will use and disclose my personal information in order to:

  • Communicate with the Owner / Landlord to select a tenant.
  • Prepare lease / tenancy documents
  • Allow tradespeople or equivalent organisations to contact me
  • Lodge/claim/transfer to/from the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority.
  • Undertake and/or enforce legal process/decisions of a Tribunal/Court and/or Statutory Authority (where applicable).
  • Refer to collection agents/ lawyers (where applicable)
  • Complete a credit check with TICA (a tenancy information database)
  • Transfer water/electricity account details into my name, where applicable.


Student Housing Australia may use TICA for residential tenancy database checks on the history of all applicants.

- I confirm that I have been notified of tenancy databases, their contact details and the reasons for use, as below:-

You can contact TICA (ABN 84 087 400 379) by
Telephone: 1902 220 346
Website: www.tica.com.au
Address: P.O. Box 120 CONCORD NSW 2137

"YourPorter" is a FREE service connecting utilities and other services. If Student Housing Australia approves this application, YourPorter may connect your water and where applicable electricity for the purpose of usage charges at your new property. YourPorter may contact you by phone, SMS, or email within 24 hours of receiving this application from Student Housing Australia, for the purpose of assisting you to connect any other utilities you have requested help with.
YourPorter is a free service, but l/we acknowledge that standard connection fees by the Utility supplier may apply for services connected (in addition to the ongoing service fees). I/We acknowledge that neither YourPorter nor the Student Housing Australia accept any responsibility for any delay in or failure to arrange or provide any connection or disconnection of a service, or for any loss, damage, cost or expense in connection with such delay or failure. By signing this application, I/we understand YourPorter will connect water and electricity, where applicable, but I/we are under no obligation to use YourPorter for any additional services."

Acceptance of Terms of Tenancy

- I acknowledge that this is an application to lease this property and that my application is subject to the owners approval and the availability of the premises.

- I acknowledge that the tenant is responsible for connection and payment of gas, electricity, telephone and water usage (as applicable). The tenant is also responsible for ensuring the main switch is in the off position for power connection.

- I acknowledge that the apartment is a "smoke free zone" and will ensure that I, other occupants and/or guests do not smoke inside the premises.

- I acknowledge that the apartment is an animal free zone. I will not bring a pet or animal into the property under any circumstances.

- Should the Owner / Agent accept my application, I acknowledge I will be required to sign a Tenancy Agreement and pay the full Bond and first months' rental within 24 – 48 hours of my application being approved. I also agree to pay the Bond and first months' rent via bank cheque, money order or credit card. The Owner / Agent reserve the right to withdraw their acceptance and offer the property to other applicants.

- I acknowledge that the keys will not be available until the day my tenancy commences.

- I accept that this property is subject to its availability on the due date and no action shall be taken on my part against the Landlord or Agent should, under any circumstances the property not be available for occupation on the due date, for whatever reason.

Step 12

Please select either Option A or Option B

- I accept that it is my personal choice NOT to inspect the property prior to my occupancy date, in doing so I accept the property in its current condition upon my commencement of tenancy.

- I/my representative (e.g. friend/guardian/family member) have inspected the property on my behalf and I accept the property in the condition as inspected. (Any exceptions must be provided in writing, signed, dated and attached to this application).

Any Additional Comments

Please add the name of person you will be sharing with, if you are applying for a shared apartment and any other comments or requirements

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