Previously SHA looked at handy study tips that could help you throughout the year, however now it is time to prepare for the final exams that could end your study year on a high. Let’s see how you can prepare and what you can do during your final exams to give you the best opportunity to do well.


Prepare for your exams

Manage your revision period

Work out how much study you need to complete and do a few hours of study each day leading up until exam day. Leaving your study revision to the last minute could overwhelm you and leave you in a state of panic. It’s really all about managing your time to the best of your ability.

Revise the way you like

Students all learn differently, from those who need visual aids to those that find it most helpful to be looking over written notes. Think about study techniques that could assist with improving the intake and memorising of the key pieces of information that you are most likely to need for your upcoming exam.

Look at past exams

Using past exams to practice with, allows you to test yourself under exam conditions. From this experience, you can identify and work on certain things that you need to improve on before the real exam begins.

Reward yourself

Always set yourself goals for each study period, and reward yourself after a productive study session. Even if it is simple things like allowing yourself some time to watch a movie or catch up with friends, it builds your self-esteem and keeps your life in perspective.

Topics you don’t know

If you don’t understand certain topics, it will make it harder to study. Try to ask uni friends or lecturers about the topics you find difficult to understand. Furthermore, allocate more time to focus on learning these topics, so as to gain a proper understanding of them.

Take a break

Non-stop studying can overwhelm you and leave you feeling anxious before the exam. Always take breaks when you can, and drink water to keep your brain and body hydrated.

Ask for help

If you are struggling and anxious during the study period, just stop and ask for help. Call a friend, a family member or that random person, who can calm you down and help you to gain your focus back. One thing to remember though is never to be embarrassed to ask for assistance from those you can trust to help.


During your exams

Be prepared

The night before, make sure you prepare all the essential things you need for the exam. Have plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast, so you have plenty of energy to answer the exam questions.

Read instructions and questions carefully

Before the writing time begins, read the exam instructions thoroughly and if you have any issues raise them with the supervisor. Furthermore, read each question carefully but if you are struggling to come up with an answer for some, keep moving on to those you can think of an answer to. Also, leave plenty of time to come back to try answering these later on.

Don’t panic

Try not to panic on exam day, as this will only make you overwhelmed and not be in a state to be able to concentrate on the task at hand. In addition, avoid other students that may spread their nervousness onto you and make you feel more uncomfortable.

Walk out from the exam, leave it there

Once the exam has finished, walk out the door and be proud of what you have achieved. Don’t go over questions from the exam, as it will likely only make you feel more stressed. Focus on the next exam coming, or the time you now have to celebrate the end of your studies for the year.


Student Housing Australia wishes all our students the best of luck with their exams and hopefully, some of these tips will assist you in getting the best marks possible during this exam period.