Parents Information

At Student Housing Australia, we provide more than just an accommodation solution for all our student.

We endeavour to contribute a positive experience to the overall quality of life for each student during their study residency in Melbourne.

Friendly and supportive, multi-lingual property management staff

Our staff located in our two offices, form an experienced and professional team, dedicated to the well-being and rental accommodation needs of all students residing with us.

In addition to leasing and managing student only rental apartments, we also provide an overlay of support services.

We feel this supportive infrastructure is vital to ensure that local, interstate and international students have a very happy, safe, secure and positive living environment, conducive to achieving positive academic outcomes.

How does my son/daughter apply for an apartment with SHA?

All students must download and complete a Tenancy Application form and return it to our office with the required documents, including Parental Guarantee, Letter of Enrollment, Passport or Driver Licence and a copy of their Visa (if applicable). Delays are caused when applications are not completed correctly.

Once our office receives a fully completed Tenancy Application, our Property Manager will take 1 - 2 business days to check and process the information and then present it to the Landlord for approval.

Upon Landlord approval, the Property Manager will contact the student to confirm the terms of the tenancy and arrange for the Agreement/ Lease / Contract to be signed and payment of the first month’s rent and security bond. A Tenancy is not fully secured until we have a fully signed Agreement and payment of both the Rent and Bond cleared in our account.

What does the rent not include?

SHA provides rental accommodation, not serviced apartments or hotel rooms.

The rent is charged monthly for the occupancy/ tenancy of the apartment only.

Some buildings will include gas usage in the rent - please refer to the property website.

Electricity, water and internet usages are all charged separately by other service providers.

What is the gender of the multi-share apartments?

We understand that many residents feel more comfortable sharing an apartment with the same gender. We automatically allocate share apartments to a single gender.

If residents wish to share with family or with friends studying here, then they just need to let us know and we will try to accommodate their request.

Can my son/daughter collect keys after the Lease / Contract start date?

Yes. Students can collect keys by appointment ONLY, during business hours, on or after the lease /contract start date.

However, rental payments start from the date of the lease commencement date.

If they are arriving after-hours, we recommend that they stay with friends or in a hotel and make an appointment to collect the keys from the office on the following business day.

What is furniture is included in the apartment?

All of our rental apartments come partly furnished, including a bed frame and mattress, fridge, microwave, study desk and chair.

Other inclusions depend on the apartment type and the building - each building will vary.
Please refer to the inventory list on the Building page on our site for more information.

What will my son/daughter need to bring to collect keys to the apartment?

To ensure a smooth collection of keys the tenant must pay the first month's rent and bond in full and return signed leases. The rent and security bond must be cleared funds in our account. Or they will need to pay it in person via Credit Card on the day.

They will also need to bring their current student card, Condition of Enrolment form, Passport or Driver Licence and a copy of their Visa (if applicable).

They can only collect keys by appointment, in the office during business hours Monday to Friday.

What items will my son/daughter need to bring that are not included?

They will need to bring:
Bedding - including sheets, doona, pillow and blankets
Bathroom Towels & toiletries (eg: soap, shampoo, toothbrush etc)
Personal items, clothes, personal computer, books, music etc.
Kitchen equipment including glassware, crockery, cutlery, cooking equipment (some apartments may have a few items)

These items are all easily and inexpensively available for purchase from local stores on arrival.

We know as a parent that you want to make sure your son/daughter has an easy transition moving away from home, and at Student Housing Australia we aim to ensure that the well-being of our residents is our number one priority.

Is there a catered option?

Sorry, there is not a catering option. Each unit does provide a small kitchenette with fridge, cook top and microwave for tenants to test their culinary skills.

Most buildings are located in close proximity to food stores, plus take-away and eat-in restaurants.

Is there a cleaning service?

We manage rental apartments; we do not provide hotel room service or serviced apartments.

Tenants are required to clean their own apartments on a regular basis.

Alternatively they can arrange a regular cleaning service at their own cost.

Is the apartment building complex safe?

All buildings have a security entrance (fob or swipe access) and many have a registered key system.

Some buildings have CCTV security cameras.

Most buildings are classified as student only accommodation.

What if they don’t get along with their roommates / neighbours?

Most of our apartments are single tenancy, self contained studio apartments.

We understand that not settling in can be tough, which is why each of our properties has a dedicated Property Manager to assist residents with any issues or problems they may experience. The Property Manager will discuss any issues with the resident and try to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome.

After my son/daughter moves in, who is the best person if they have any questions?

Our friendly trained Property Management team are always happy to answer all questions and assist your son/daughter during office hours.

Each building has an allocated Property Manager who the tenant can email for any queries.

Outside office hours, there is an emergency contact available to help with maintenance issues where possible and this phone number is provided to your son/daughter in the information they collect with their keys.

What is the postal delivery address for my son/daughter’s mail?

From time to time you may wish to post your son/daughter a small package from home. To ensure that the package reaches them, all mail directed to your son/daughter must include:

Apartment # / Street Address,
Suburb, VIC, Australia, (post code #)

Is my son/daughter required to notify the Property Manager when going on holidays or if they have an overnight guest?

As a parent, we understand that your main priority is the safety and well being of your son or daughter. At Student Housing Australia, we work towards the same goal. To ensure the safety of our residents, it is essential that we know when residents are away for extended periods of time or when they have overnight guests. Having this information on hand allows us to effectively coordinate the emergency response.

The policy for all our buildings (unless otherwise classified) is one tenant per room.

At the end of my son’s/daughter’s tenancy, how do we ensure a full Bond Refund?

The security bond is held in trust with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) for the duration of the tenancy. It is explained to all tenants that in order to receive a full Bond refund, the apartment must be vacated, cleaned and returned to Student Housing Australia in the same condition as when they first moved in. (We do understand that general wear and tear does happen.)

The Bond will only be returned after the apartment keys have been returned to the Property Manager and they have conducted a Final Inspection of the apartment. The inspection confirms the apartment has been left in a clean and tidy condition, there are no damages and all items are accounted for (furniture and inventory) as per the original Condition Report completed when the tenancy started. The rent must be paid up to the day the keys are returned or the last day of the lease, along with cleaning costs, and any utility charges.