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About SHA Services Pty Ltd

Current legislation in Victoria permits owners and occupiers of premises to on-sell electricity to individuals and companies who have lease or rental agreements with these owners. Student Housing Australia Pty Ltd has been granted an exemption to sell electricity to consumers. Exempt Energy Retailer – Student Housing Australia Pty Ltd will look after your energy needs, purchase electricity on your behalf, and arrange electricity connections for you.

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Address  575 Elizabeth Street, MELBOURNE VIC 3000

Phone Australia Wide 1300 742 000 International +613 9373 6800 Fax +613 9328 2822 E-mail

When does this Agreement start?
The Agreement will commence when you have entered into an Exempt Energy Supplier Agreement with us and starts on the first day of your Tenancy Agreement.

When and how you will be billed?
We will send you a bill each month, or as otherwise agreed with the Exempt Energy Retailer, with your consent. Each bill you receive must be based, where possible, on an actual meter reading unless you agree otherwise.

What your bill contains
For most customers, each bill includes:

  1. a charge for the actual electricity you use;
  2. the Service to Property Charge – a fixed charge for the cost of servicing you as a customer;
  3. approved additional service charges such as Connection and Transfer fees, as incurred from time to time.

Current Charges – effective 01/01/2022
Electrical Tarriff – 21.410 cents/kWh incl GST
Supply Charge – $1.388 $/day incl GST
Connection & Reconnection Fee (Once Off) – $ 42.32 incl GST
Bond on new connection (Once off) – $ 55.00 incl GST
Late payment Fee if more than 30 day overdue – $ 8.80 incl GST
Dishonoured Payment fee – Direct Debit – $ 16.50 incl GST
Dishonoured Payment fee – Cheque – $ 20.50 incl GST
Connection after disconnection for non-payment of fees – $ 66.00 incl GST
Meter Investigation Fee (meter not faulty) – $ 416.77 incl GST

Paying your bill
You are required to pay your bill on or before the pay-by-date. Unless agreed otherwise, this will be 14 days from the date the bill was sent out by us. Based on the supply contract between you and the Exempt Energy Retailer, you have a choice of paying your bill by direct debit, cheque or credit card.

Claiming a concession
If you hold a Pensioner Concession Card, a Health Care Card or a Repatriation Health Card (Gold Card) issued by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, you may be eligible for government-funded concessions on your electricity bills.

Questioning a bill
At your request, and at no charge, we will review a bill, which you dispute. While the bill is being reviewed, we require payment for either that part of the bill that we both agree is not in dispute or an amount equal to the average of your bills over the previous twelve months.

If you are not satisfied with the review, you may ask for a meter test. If your meter is inaccurate, we will adjust your bill accordingly and there will be no charge for the test. If the meter is accurate, you must pay the test cost and the amount outstanding.

Disconnection and reconnection
We will comply with the Energy Retail Code, which makes provision for disconnection and interconnection of consumers in certain circumstances.

How to end this Agreement
This Agreement shall endure until such time as the customer is no longer a resident of Student Housing Australia or until we provide notice in writing that we are terminating this agreement in accordance with the Energy Retail Code.

If the consumer chooses to withdraw their consent for any other reason, then this shall be provided in writing to Student Housing Australia Pty Ltd.

Final bills
If you wish to disconnect your service, we require at least three business days notice and a forwarding address for your final bill if you are moving permanently. If you do not give the required notice, you will remain responsible for the electricity used (and for meeting any other customer obligations) until three business days after you give the required notice, or until a new customer has an account established in their name at the premises, whichever occurs first.

Access to information
You have a right to timely, accurate information on all issues related to the supply of electricity to your property.
You are entitled to a copy of this Customer Charter, which you should keep on hand so that you have a ready reference on your rights and responsibilities.

Honouring your privacy and confidentiality
Your privacy is very important to us and it will be respected at all times. You have a right for personal information to be kept confidential, unless otherwise allowed through legislation and regulation. We undertake that information we receive will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to a third party without your express permission, or unless we are required or permitted by law to do so.