Come along and check out our A to Z  guide of Melbourne.



Artvo is an art gallery with a difference. Unlike other galleries, this art gallery encourages visitors to interact and take photos of themselves featuring within the artworks. Head down to the Docklands to become a part of the visual experience that is Artvo.


The beach boxes of Brighton have been a favourite of many Victorians and are the closest ones to the Melbourne CBD. The unique styling and colours have made them a tourist attraction for many years.


Melbourne’s Chinatown is the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere, dating back to the days of Victoria’s Gold Rush. At present, it is the top destination for those who appreciate Chinese cuisines like Yum Cha and desserts, right in the heart of Melbourne.


Docklands is Melbourne’s harbour district located just a short walk to the west of the CBD. The area is filled with shopping, food and entertainment options, while for music and sports fans head down to Marvel Stadium to catch an event.


These new electric scooters have given Melburnians and visitors alike the chance to travel short distances in a much faster way than walking. But please make sure you follow all road rules and use the e-scooters as they should be.


One way to support local farmers is through shopping at one of Melbourne’s many farmers markets. The farmers and producers are accredited, which allows them to sell their products or items, often at prices that are cheaper than the major supermarkets.


A hidden gem located off Chapel Street in Prahran, Greville Street is one of the trendiest spots to be in Melbourne. It has a mixture of independent retailers and contemporary cafes, that will have you coming back time and time again.


Walking down the bluestones of Hosier Lane, you will be mesmerised by the colours of the street art from International and Melbourne’s own artists alike. Don’t forget to take a detour down Rutledge Lane to see more creative works have been sprayed on the walls, windows and even garbage bins.


Melbourne has a multicultural community, made up of indigenous people and those who have come here from across the world. To learn how the city of Melbourne came to be so diverse, Melbourne’s Immigration Museum tracks the history of Melbourne’s Immigration. Be fascinated by the different pathways each person has taken to find their way to Melbourne and why they chose to call it home.


The tan track is a popular running track around the Royal Botanic Gardens. The track is 3.827 km long and is lit up by runners, lapping the track generally between the hours of 5 am till midnight. If you’re wanting to keep fit while in Melbourne, this is your best bet.


Have you ever needed to buy something late at night? Kmart is the best place to go, as many stores are open late or even 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Melbourne has countless laneways, each with their own unique style and character. From Degraves to Manchester, each laneway could include a combination of shopping arcades, street art, cafes, bars and boutiques for you to explore.


Melbourne Museum explores different aspects of life in our culture and the history of Victoria. The museum features the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre and the new exhibit Tyama along with many other displays and collections that can be enjoyed by all ages all year-round.


The National Gallery of Victoria is the home of Melbourne’s international art and displays collections from across the world. The NGV offers a visual experience for all ages, from fun activities for kids to night time events just for adults.


In the mid-1800s, the old Melbourne Gaol was the home to dangerous criminals, petty thieves and some of the mentally ill. After 133 hangings, including the infamous bushranger Ned Kelly, the gaol was closed back in 1929. Today we can visit the gaol to hear stories of how many criminals lived between these thick bluestone walls.


Just over 1 hour from Central Melbourne, Phillip Island is a popular day trip for many tourists and local families. From the fairy penguins, unique wildlife and beautiful coastlines, it is an unforgettable day trip that you don’t want to miss out on.


Since 1878, Queen Victoria Market has served the Melbourne community well. Over 600 small businesses have provided consumers with fresh fruit, vegetables, food, and even clothing straight from the source. Recently, the Queen Victoria Market night markets have rejuvenated the area making it more appealing to those of all ages.


The best place to enjoy a drink in Melbourne in good weather is on one of our famous rooftop bars. From Naked in the Sky, to Her Melbourne, these rooftop bars have views of the city that you must experience with a drink in hand.


Shrine of Remembrance is Victoria’s war memorial, honouring the service and sacrifice of Australians in war and peacekeeping missions. If you have the time, take the short trip from the CBD and pay respect to the fallen soldiers who have protected our country.


Tree top adventures challenge participants to try obstacles metres high above the ground on their treetop courses. Treetop Adventures in Belgrave or the Otway Tree Top are a couple of amazing venues where people can test their fear of heights and treetop ziplining skills.


As many people know, Melbourne is well known for its weather, especially with many being caught out by it’s “4 Seasons in One Day”. That’s why you need an umbrella at hand no matter what time of year it is, as it can pour with rain at almost anytime.


Australia is well-known for its sun and surf, but did you know Melbourne has snow fields just a few hours away in the Victorian alpine area. Mount Buller, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek are just some of the snowfields that you can ski or snowboard down during the Aussie winter.


Wilson Promontory is located on the Southern tip of Australia’s mainland. From hiking bushland trails to enjoying the beautifully scenic beaches, Wilson Promontory is appreciated by all who visit.


It is quite hard to find something starting with X, to do in Melbourne, but the closest thing I could find were escape rooms. Escape rooms allow participants to solve problems and puzzles to unlock locks until they have fully escaped. It is a great activity for a group of friends, family or work colleagues.


From the Great Dividing Ranges to Port Phillip Bay, the Yarra River is one of the iconic rivers that flow through Melbourne. Jump on a cruise boat, take scenic walks, and even enjoy festivals like Moomba along the Yarra.


Melbourne, Healesville and Werribee Open Range Zoos are world-leading zoos that you can enjoy exploring. The zoos have built amazing relationships between visitors and wildlife, allowing many to develop a better understanding of our relationship with the animal kingdom.