Public Transport

Traveling in Melbourne

Getting around Melbourne on public transport is simple, cheap and reliable. All our SHA offices and rental apartment buildings are close to public transport making life easy for students.

The Melbourne public transport system is known as Metlink and consists of trams, trains and buses. Our tram service covers the central city and inner suburbs, trains service the city and the suburbs, and buses go where there are no tram or train tracks. There are connections to most of the major attractions of our city, so it is quite possible to spend time in Melbourne without a car.

Myki is your reusable travel card for trains, trams and buses in Melbourne and regional Victorian centers.

Top up your card online or in person, before your journey and then touch on and touch off at a Myki reader as you travel.

You can use Myki on:

  • Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses
  • Regional commuter train services
  • Buses in Seymour, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, the Latrobe Valley and Warragul.

To help you understand which Myki to buy and how to manage your Myki, visit the links below:

Click here  for timetable information, journey planners and Myki costings.