Urgent After Hours Repairs

Urgent Repairs Requests & After Hours Contacts

For any after hours URGENT REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE issues, please call our office number

1300 742 000 for the after hours recorded information – it will give you all the emergency contact details – also listed below.

Please also email your Property Manager to update them with all details of your emergency issues.

If your issue is during business hours, please contact your Property Manager immediately to report your urgent repairs.

Please Note:  If your issue is to do with the internet please contact your internet provider direct.


After Hours Emergency Contacts

If you have an emergency repair that needs to be attended after hours, please call:


Ace Locksmiths – (03) 9534 0586

If you have locked yourself out of your apartment, lost your key or are experiencing lock failure press option 4 when calling number above


Hot water issue

To report hot water issue press option 5 when calling number above


After Hours Emergency Maintenance

To report an emergency maintenance issue press option 6 when calling number above


Pastoral Care – 1300 742 000

For after hours Student Support for current SHA residents