Our Staff

Our Team

All our Property Managers are extremely well trained, skilled and experienced. They are a stable and long term team, backed by fantastic administration support and Branch Managers, who are all dedicated to looking after our clients and providing top quality customer service. We follow highly efficient and effective ISO audited systems and procedures in the management of each property, and undertake regular training and proactive team development programs.

Many of our Property Managers are multi-lingual and highly educated and qualified in fields outside the Real Estate industry, which is an enormous asset to our business in servicing our landlords both here and abroad. With multi-cultural and multi-lingual staff, we are also able to overcome most communication issues that can arise with international students moving out of home and to a new country for the first time.

Meet our Staff

Mark McDonald

Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Andrew Pettman

General Manager of Operations / COO

Rosa Chik

Senior Manager - Corporate

Tommy Grahovac

General Accounts

Kylie Walsh

Trust Accounts

Vaovai Silao

Trust Accounts

John Mayers

Melbourne Office - Branch Manager

Jennifer Caruana

Melbourne Office - Property Manager

Emma Van Der Heide

Melbourne Office - Property Manager

Tuba Saman

Melbourne Office - Property Manager

Hannah Calheiros

Melbourne Office - Property Manager

Rebecca Mou

Melbourne Office - Property Management Associate

Varsha Jones

Melbourne Office - Reception

Jamie Witchard

Caulfield Office - Branch Manager

Leanne Ho

Caulfield Office - Property Manager

Sadia Sabi

Caulfield Office - Property Manager

Scott Perri

Caulfield Office - Property Manager

Agnes Hartono

Caulfield Office - Property Manager

Emma White

Property Management Associate

Rebecca Wong

Caulfield Office - Reception

Mark Richards

Burwood Office - Branch Manager

Katie Wong

Burwood Office - Property Manager

Kay Kwok

Burwood Office - Property Manager

Stacey Zhou

Burwood Office - Property Management Associate

Cheryl Xu

Burwood Office - Reception